Acrylic On CanvasEmbracing Autumn, 202170 x 50 cms

And what is truth?

Clearly different things to different people. My values stem from an interest in people, places and politics. When I took up painting in retirement I wanted to explore a way of conveying my thoughts and feelings through my art. For me painting what the eye literally sees denies the thrill of the chase, leaving little room for ideas, adventure and expression. Abstraction sets the mind on an exciting journey in search of a vision of the truth lying behind those big issues. Embracing Autumn has traveled with me on a journey dealing with the darkest days of Covid. It has given life to my anger and frustration at the Governing elite and it has provoked heated thought about the state of nature and the world. Whether it is seen as a dreary image of dying flowers or an abstracted expression of past pain, unfulfilled promise, and eternal hope, is conjecture. Embracing Autumn is my truth, addressing old hurts, current frustrations and a growing optimism, that with each new season there are better things to come.