This photography not only highlights the beauty of nature itself but also the beauty and the highlight of my daily life. Every day of my life I take my now seven year old German Shepard named Bruno a walk along the beach in the morning where the smooth and soothing sound of the ocean calms me and prepares me for my day. Then in the afternoon as I cycle and he trots alongside me we explore the towns local woods – Fullarton Woods. Listening to the sound of the birds chirping, the leafs of the trees blowing and Bruno panting, I reminisce the days spent here in summer with my family. Every breath of fresh air I take I take him with me, any beautiful view I admire and attempt to capture with my camera he is either behind dropping his ball at my feet or being the true model he is in front of the lense. As the colours of his fur coat blended perfectly with the beautiful autumn colours produced within Fullarton woods, whilst I took this very picture I realised that despite being an animal, he is my best friend. He is there every step of the way with me, any adventure I wish to take he is ready to go, any emotion I am feeling he comforts me. He is a mans best friend and although I am no man but rather a teenage girl who finds pleasure in taking long walks to capture the earths beauty through my camera, I am happy that I have my best friend to accompany me every time.