2-Channel Video (3’22”), HD Monitors, Speakers, MetalInto Oblivion, 2022Dimension variable

My study has been focused on the digital ecology and humanity. As an artist who considers the body as the last borderline of private space in contemporary life, ‘Into Oblivion (2022)’ is questioning the meaning of our body in digital-focused life. In the digital-focused life, I foresee the loss of the meaning of the physical body we have. As more and more technologies eagers digital centred life, we are more focused on the central nervous system but at the same time, our bodies are treated as worthless shells. In relation to this, I felt voidness by reflecting on my life being seized with digital media that has infinite time and space. The work, ‘Into Oblivion’, is a short film that deals with the body existence issue in digital-focused life. The film shows the movement of two different body parts which are getting vanished by colour keying effects that trace colour changes on the skin and make it transparent. Whilst the body parts get vanishing, reversely, the reflected image gets clear on the screen without being distorted. In the video, sound contains the presence of the body delivering sound created from physical conflicts.