April 21, 2017

Inner Harmony

Emily McPhail


Family. Everyone has one, everyone is loved in one. We all have treasured memories, memories that will make us laugh till our stomachs hurt, and memories that will make us shed precious tears. However it is within those moments that we are reminded, just for a moment, the pleasant times we once shared with them. How they were always with you to cheer you up when you felt like you were falling into a deep abis. Always willing to put every one of their own thoughts aside just to see you smile again. Those are the memories are I will always treasure with my Auntie Margaret. 

She was an inspiring woman, she would never let the world put her down when she was at her worst. She would see the world for it’s own beauty as she marvelled at it’s serenity, gazing at the raging but yet calming waterfall, listening to it’s crashing waves as they ever so slowly flow to a soft hush, as if embeding within her memory, and as she stared off into the horizon I couldn’t help but wonder how the world reflected her. 

The scene in which she would so often view on our visits mirrored her perfectly. From the almost blinding sun which always shone when she smiled, to the ever softly blowing summer wind that blew her dress so elegantly as it would a brides vail on a wedding day. She was a very beautiful woman inside and out. A woman who knew how to value life and enjoy what was there for her. A woman of true inner strength and purity. A woman who I will always remember had inner harmony.