June 13, 2022


Connor Draycott

Watercolour, gouache, pencil and penPlucked Chicken on Brown Bag, 20228”x10”

I painted this small piece after having visited the John Byrne exhibition at Kelvingrove. There was one painting in particular that I couldn’t stop looking at, this was “pig’s head”. I was interested in the subject matter and the way it was painted with a great technical skill showing some areas tightly/neatly painted and others very loose. Because of this I tried to make a painting with a similar object, this time a chicken carcass. I spent around 3 hours on this and I am happy with how different it has turned out to my other paintings – almost appearing cartoonish and idealised. I think this shows greatly how we can be influenced in many different small ways that push us to try new things out of our comfort zones, in this case a different type of painting. I will also be starting at the Glasgow school of art in September which is another reason I chose to look more in depth at John Byrne and his work as this is where he started.