April 14, 2017

In the Light

Emily Lyall


For this piece, I looked at theatre and performance and how stage light can mask true feelings and emotion. I worked with a stage light used in a theatre and inserted different Gobo’s (metal stencils) into the stage light. These Gobos produced different shapes of light into the subject. I found this interesting as it distorted the face, therefore casting a dramatic and sinister effect on the subject. I did the painting in a circular shape to reflect the shape of the gobo and the lense of the stage light. By merging the face and body into the background of the painting I aimed to achieve a sense of blending into the light and masking a true identity. I aim to express the feeling of being exposed to light and having your emotions pulled out of you. Although stage light exposes how you look, it doesn’t expose your true emotions, it only captures the emotions you want to display. Being in the light can either allow you to open-up or push you further into yourself, forcing you to put on a front or a character. I used acrylic paint, ink and bleach to achieve the effect of the stage light.