October 30, 2019

In the age of equality and feminism, are a percentage of women overlooking / missing out on discovering the depths of their own innate healing powers?

Michelle Monaghan

Acrylic on CanvasAwakening Theodora, 201920 inches x 30 inches

Many of today’s young women endure enormous pressures; school, university, career, purchase an over-priced house, drive a brand new car, birth children, keep working so that the offspring can have the best, manage a household, appear to have it ‘all together’. It’s unsurprising that anxiety is becoming endemic.

The battle for equality has resulted in a generation of very strong women – expert multitaskers who appear to onlookers, to have it all. The mental health statistics demonstrate otherwise.

For many, the idea of submission within a relationship is abhorrent; a step backwards in a battle for equality that women have fought for countless years to achieve. Yet for the independent women who advocate submission, it’s the very thing that frees them from their everyday stresses – for these moments, they relinquish control to their partner; lose themselves in someone stronger. This doesn’t make them weak – by freely giving up power, she empowers herself; realises her own potentials and offsets the pressures of every day life.

Perhaps in the age of equality it should be considered that in order to be equal, balance is required & for balance to be achieved, one cannot be in control all of the time.