October 27, 2020

In our patricharcal society, were women are told that they are overly emotion, overly hormonal and over reacting, are they allowed to just want to be sad? And is it okay that they find their sad funny?

Hannah Elizabeth Morton

Comedy playSad Girls Club, 2019

I starting writing Sad Girls Club when I was a sad girl. Cheated on, broken up with, forced to move back into my family home, humiliated and most importantly, sad. I discovered during this experience that I was quite happy being sad. That it was something that I had to get through, knew that I would be fine eventually. Strangely, it was other people that had an issue. I made them uncomfortable. So I found solus with other sad girls, who were quite happy to be sad. We had a laugh being sad, and found that there is a lot of things for a modern woman in Scotland to be sad about. SGC is about the ups and downs of millennial life, being a young woman in the world today, and all the politics/anxieties/patriarchal nonsense that comes with the territory of being female. All with a comedy twist. This gives a voice to an underrepresented group of people who, especially in Scottish comedy, never see themselves. Never hear that its okay that they don’t have it all together. Never hear that its okay to be angry. Its okay to be sad. And its okay to laugh at it all.