April 29, 2021

‘In A World With Too Many Stories, Can I Find My Truth?’

Momo Ueda

Poetry2 Poems Concerning Reality, 2021

We live in a time where information is abundant – this much is obvious. We live in a time where everything we say and do is immortalized and stored but not for us. Technology has affected the way in which we experience life in so many ways – good or bad – but my generation (generation Z) is not just affected by it, but moulded. The divison between Reality and Science has never been more blurred. Meanwhile, Faith moves further away and anyone in its pursuit is written off because the real world is good and scientific; everything should fit into the one 25-piece Jigsaw we all started in Primary School. On leaving standardised education we begin to piece together our own image – slowly distorting the stock picture we were given. To me, poetry is the purest form of truth. I distort the words I’ve been given and create new meanings. Truth is relative to each person and cannot be argued, but can be shaped over time. This submission is how far I’ve gotten to finding my truth.