Be More Clanger,

Deep in the lockdown sludge, a spark of creativity came over myself and my dad. We decided we wanted, nay, needed to paint a mural (on my bedroom wall) of our favourite creatures in this whole galaxy.

The Clangers. Mainly out of boredom, but also because in all senses I love those pink, whistling space-mice and have always felt a close attachment to the show, which always manages to chill me down.

I think especially these days when everything is so chaotic and there are so many demands on our time, to be doing something during a pandemic, The Clangers offer a little refuge of calm.

In this bleak, Groundhog Day like times, I can still repeat to myself what was spoken in 1970 by Oliver Postage that If, in our imaginations, we turn away from the Earth and think about other planets, other, less-fortunate stars, we realise that life there might be very different. Very bleak and dull. The solitary fisher, setting off to catch what she can in the vast empty spaces of the universe may feel very much alone and in many ways my bedroom has become my bleak, wet, dull little Earth.