July 28, 2020

In a time of pandemic, ‘1665’ poses the questions: does survival come down to the colour of your plastic and are we really free?

Julian Colton, 61 | Rozee Colton , 26

We live in a time of pandemic and though there are no easy answers and solutions at present, Covid 19 paints the world’s inequalities in stark colours. A collaboration, 1665 charts the beginning of the outbreak and follows governmental, societal and individual responses to the disease over the period of Spring and Summer 2020 in verse and photography. The pandemic has highlighted the weaknesses of capitalism, its inherent racism and exposure of the poor. The poems and photographs are two different responses to the pandemic, but both raise or reflect important questions which people need to consider as we move into an uncertain future: How much individual and collective freedom are we prepared to sacrifice in defeating the disease? Can we trust governments to protect those freedoms, our health and our jobs? Other than paying lip service, can we rely on individuals and organisations to do the right thing?

1665, 2020Poetry/Photography Collection