August 22, 2021

In 50 Years, Where Will We Be Without Change?

Rachel Shnapp

Film Installation17 Hertz., 2021

17 Hertz. was first born out of its location. I was taken to the cabin by my family; a place so uninterrupted by the outside, modern world, that it felt it must have been there forever. A place you could leave for 50 years, come back to, and it would stay the same, constant, reassuring. In my experience of solastalgia, a shared anxiety of environmental collapse, and frustrations at the internet-driven world, I found myself asking: If things don’t change, what will the world look like for me in 50 years? I took this question, some provisions, and a sleeping bag, into the forest with me. I planned to spend half a week there, on my own, learning what I could from the forest and the fields, and hopefully having something to show for it at the end. Sadly, the late 2021 frost catching up with me, I had to leave early. After months of research, countless trips to the forest, and even more conversations about the state of things, 17 Hertz. was born. 17 Hertz. is an interpretation of what the world might look like in 50 years, if things don’t change – and a call for that change.