July 25, 2022


Rose Raine

Oil on canvasIlluminate, 2022120 x 120 cm

The notion of immersion underpins my practice. I frequently work on-site, studying the landscape and capturing moments amidst its ever-changing nature. Through sketching and photography I seek to encapsulate an essence of place, outlining compositions and capturing transient moments that develop once back in the studio. My paintings focus on light and movement; the atmospherics of the sea and sky. Oscillating between chance, control and unpredictability, creating work is a physical process: it involves dynamic gestures and movements to construct the landscape, conveying its physicality through the materiality of paint. Illuminate was inspired by Portobello beach, Scotland. Amidst the shifting and ever-changing patterns of the sea and sky, this composition captured a moment in time, balancing both calm and strength, stillness and magnitude. Amidst an ever changing and fast paced world, I hope my painting inspires a moment of appreciation to the landscape and elements that move and ground us.

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