June 25, 2020

If You Do Harm, Do You Deserve Harm in Return?

Daniel O'Neill, 21 | Gio Crolla, 21 | Matthew O'Neill, 24

With Stray Dog, we aimed to communicate the importance of class disparity. We wanted to answer the question: if someone does wrong, is another person justified in doing wrong back to them? The film strives to capture the urban nature of Glasgow, with the colour sapped out of the environment- a desaturated episode featuring true to life characters, and an ambient score to further reflect the sounds of the city. We wanted to explore how environment influences behaviour, and whether a person is more or less likely to engage in wrongdoing based on their social status; raising questions such as- since the justice system failed, did the homeless man have a moral right to enact his own form of justice on the boy? If he acted solely in his own interest, does this even still count as moral justification? As the writer, this story reflects my own experiences seeing homeless people in Glasgow while volunteering in a soup kitchen, juxtaposed with more privileged people in my time at Glasgow University, both living practically side-by-side. I intended for a parallel to be drawn between the boy’s attitude towards stray dogs and people he sees as being inferior to himself.

Stray Dog, 2020Short Film1920 x 816