July 1, 2020

If we chose to listen, could Nature be our guide?

Brendan Tyreman, 34

Through this poem, it is my wish to develop the idea that the natural world can provide us with the comfort, solace, and universal knowledge that we all too often perceive ourselves to lack, and how by tuning in to the world around us we are able to enter into a symbiotic relationship that will force us to consider how we play out our lives on the Earth. The idea of the gorse providing shelter has been with me for years since walking out in East Lothian and realising what a natural environment it provides not only for animals but also for us by breaking up the landscape. This idea was concretised during lockdown as I walked each day on Arthur’s Seat and began to listen to the environment and realise that if I stilled myself, the natural world would provide the answers. And as those glorious yellow petals bloomed so startlingly into life, the natural tracks led me higher and for me, as for the birds, provided shelter. It is my wish to develop this idea or collaborate to show the gorse, particularly in Scotland, from above and how it mottles the landscape, waiting patiently for attentive ears.

The Gorse, My Shelter, 2020