July 30, 2020

If we can’t be civil to each other, then who can we be civil to?

Lee Kirk

Digital PhotographyIsland Smokes, 2017

The title of this piece essentially asks by questioning humanity’s empathy towards one and other. We all share the same air, water, weather, soil – why is there degradation, why is there violence whether through movements, groups, singular. WIll this ever stop? Does it need to get worse before it gets better. This title has lived through many incarnations through many centuries. Whatever earth, gaia is going through the answer is descending upon us now as an encoded feeling manifesting itself through the marching of all that stand up to our oppressors. The image you see is smokey, different smokes from different folks who make the fires but on the same island. The island smokes are many things but the world don’t move to the beat of just one drum. what might be right for you, might not be right for some…