July 31, 2021

If There Was a Pill to Take Away a Memory, Would You Take It?

Georgia Maxwell

Cure or Curse, 2021

As a trauma survivor, the phrase ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ has become one which feels incongruent with my life. With innumerable painful flashbacks, countless sleepless nights, and nearly as many blood-soaked mornings as I endured the torture my own mind put me through, it is extremely difficult to see any light in this darkness. At 3 am, tear-stained and trembling, I often yearn for a pill to take away my memory. But as my wounds start to heal and my vision starts to focus, I begin to understand all that trauma has brought me. I am strong. I am resilient. I fear nothing, for I once lost everything; and survived. It is that survival instinct for which I can truly say is the asset I am most proud of. So it begs the question if this experience taught me my life’s most valuable lesson, would it be gainful for me to rid myself of this memory. If there was a pill that could take away my memory, would it be a cure or a curse?