February 1, 2019

If there is a God, where is his church?

Luke Pilkington, 27

I lost my degree show in the Glasgow School of Art fire in 2014. I have experienced extreme levels of depression, substance abuse and suicide attempts. My practice effectively stopped due to the harsh realities of my mostly disabled family relying on me to provide, to keep food on the table, to keep a roof over their heads. I have worked in the most unrewarding, undervalued and exploitative work places in the past 5 years just to keep myself from drowning in the financial abyss. After the most recent fire in 2018, I have since explored how art in it’s purest essence can heal and can help perfect the soul. Not in the art therapy way, in where we let our subconsciousness take over, but in the brutal and harsh way addicts must physically realise what they are doing to themselves and others. Focusing on a zen approach to how life is but a moment to the cosmos. Since the fire I have managed to become fully sober and have now got a clear path towards how the creative process will be my new addiction, which on reflection, was my first addiction since birth….. We all eventually go full circle.


Oil on Canvas
200 x 150 cm