February 15, 2021

If The Stage Has Gone Silent, Have The Dreams Gone Silent Also?

Sean McBain

Short StoryBadd Aples, 2021

In a year where live music has been silenced, I wrote this story to show the power of the live gig and the beauty of a big dream. Without the facility to live the dream, even if only for a night, we are left with reality and often the reality is dreich. Badd Aples reminded me that the pursuit of music gives me hope and healing. The story gives light to the very real battles that continue to be fought and in the cracks of society. Some people win and some people continue to lose. The story reminds me that the power of playing our music live is more than an act of talent flexing and is instead an opportunity to better the often murky lives we lead. We have lost the ability to play live and share sweat and song with strangers, but in Badd Aples I hope to remind my fellow musicians that the dreams we once had will be had again.