October 28, 2020

If I Pray Harder Will You Listen?

Valerie Hannan

Oil PaintIf I Pray, 202041cm x 33cm

I have been painting and sketching the Scottish landscape for many years now, but when April 2020 came around I was locked into my little coastal flat and forced to contemplate the meaning of art, the meaning of life, the meaning of death, those age old questions that many people of faith (or not), ask themselves when a crisis looms. If I pray harder will You listen? Voices across the world have shouted, whispered, begged, pleaded, confided and bargained. The chapels, temples, mosques and synagogues were empty and yet the cemeteries were full, some with only sentinels of stone to watch over them, mourners were few. It’s been 6 months, the death toll still rising, my art practice changed, maybe forever, I am looking inwards as I am peering out.