January 4, 2022

If a Man Falls in the Woods and No One Is Around to Hear, Does He Still Make a Sound?

Georgia Eve

Poetry FilmFallen Man, 2022

If a man falls in the woods and no one is around to hear, does he still make a sound? Often referred to as the silent suffering or the suffering you cannot see, the topic of mental health appears to have harnessed a lot of people’s attention in recent times. However, as anyone living in the UK who has attempted to access mental health services recently will tell you, this increased awareness of mental health has not been matched with increased provisions. Understaffed, underfunded and all together underappreciated, the accessibility of mental health services in this country has reached an all time low. Taking on the age old philosophical question on perception, ‘Fallen Man’ is a poem through which I chronicle my own mental health story. Reframing the philosophical phrase as I provoke thought into suffering which cannot be seen or heard. Deliberately using the imagery evoked to make reference to crisis point. This poem is a call to action. The pace of the poem echos the momentum of my frustration. The frustration of feeling neglected by a system, invisible and unheard.