September 28, 2013


Louise Sisdey | Abigail Gallagher | Jodie Williamson | Rebecca Hunter | Camelia Cumming


Our final piece is a box with fragments of mirror around the sides of the wall. Our box contains a TV inside of it which is playing a video we made of a burning eye which uses different editing techniques to help portray our idea more clearly. The varying paces and broken style of filming was used to give the viewer a feel of unease. 

The media channels information to us every day and influences us. We often can’t see the full picture and are given a closeted and narrow view of the reality because the Media pick and choose what information we receive- we are often ‘blind’ to the truth. With the growth in technology, the media has been able to gain a greater power in our society. We can’t escape them, from our mobiles to our laptops we are constantly bombarded by the words of the media. This issue is precedent in all of our lives and why we chose to focus on it.