October 1, 2016

I Hear Red

Katelyn Grant

This piece has been inspired by a condition called Synaesthesia. This is the condition whereupon the holder may experience a sixth-sense, or a combining of the senses. Within this piece I was focusing on one particular aspect of synaesthesia; the combination of sounds and colours. As a musician, I always “feel” the music that I am hearing or playing, and this can make pieces of music very personal and memorable. I have combined the architecture that is filled with a musical history with pieces I have performed or heard within them. All of the colours on this piano have been consciously selected to imitate and represent what I personally feel and see when hearing music. I played with the idea of making music into a literal art form as well as an aural one, hoping to represent its beauty as something that can be seen as well as heard… even felt within.