January 31, 2020

I have the ’cùram’ (Gaelic word referring to someone who is Christian, literally meaning caring), can you tolerate me?

Christine Davidson, 53

This Installation is a testimony to my Hebridean Christian faith. It explores tolerance, beauty, joy, oppression, truth. The crown of thorns (croft-style) symbolises mockery, the submerged Gaidhlig bible symbolises the current drive towards secularism, the self-portrait – joy, even in submersion. Above everything, within an eternal circle, are Jesus’ last words in Greek, Gaidhlig and English. The dove portrays peace, forgiveness. As a Hebridean, I have a very strong identity, deeply rooted in my ancestry, a people shaped over centuries by the searing loss and struggle of clearance, poverty, mass emigration, war, the unspeakable tragedy of the Iolaire. Hebridean faith was and still is strong. Tellingly, we have been found by poll to be the happiest people in the country. Perhaps because of lamentable human error within the church historically, tensions have now risen. I felt compelled to make this work to counter-balance an increasingly intolerant climate for true Christians and hope it will portray the beauty of our faith in a world where supernatural belief is often derided, belittled. I hope you will tolerate me, forgiving my failings as I try to live by the supremely inclusive teachings of Jesus, as my people did. We all need forgiven. Tetelestai

Drowned out, 2019Glass, water, gold leaf, metal, stone, paper, wood30cm x 30cm x 32cm