May 22, 2017

I Gotta Feeling

Jasmine Brown


‘You die twice. First as you take you last breath. And secondly when your name is said for the last time.’  My Grandma’s name was Elizabeth Bonner.  The value this essay conveys is ’empathy’.  Death is the consequence of life – that doesn’t mean it hurts less. We must always have empathy and respect for those grieving. The cliché photos with solemn faces, the words; ‘you know my name, not story’ have a humorous aspect but also a truthful one. Everyone has thoughts echoing in their mind, problems that seem like the world, worries, concerns, feelings they cannot convey out loud. And we should always keep this in mind; the simple fact that everyone is different – that we often don’t have an inkling of how they feel or why they act the way they do. I was told that you can choose two paths in life, one of sympathy or one of empathy. Whilst both sound similar they are very different ways of approaching life.  You can have sympathy for someone; acknowledge a person’s situation and feel pity for them. Or, you can have empathy for someone; recognise a person’s situation, understand and share their pain.