December 31, 2018

I am broken, will I be whole again?

Hayleigh Fanseafinds


Along the coast of Scotland, broken pottery shards are found surf-tumbled and worn. The colours and patterns on the pieces conjure up images and ideas that are painted in watercolour. The paint is colour-matched perfectly to the pottery colour. Ultimately, they are then given a new life as part of a unique piece of artwork.
The work expresses how a forgotten fragmented item can be inspiring and once again whole – even in a different way from it’s original intent. I have had poor mental health on-and-off for several years. I regularly say to myself “I am broken”. The battle to feel better leaves me worn-out and my mind fragmented. I wish for harmony and wholeness in my mind. To be happy and beautiful inside. Just like my little pottery pieces.


Puffins, watercolour and sea pottery on recycled paper.
20 x 20 cm.