June 7, 2020

Hunger + Sex + Thirst = ?

Shae Myles, 22

Hunger, sex, thirst. Three of our most basic carnal impulses. By highlighting these urges and the links they can often share, I focus in on ideas of mess, ritual, excess and fetish. Through exploring ideas surrounding the fundamentals of desire and the inversion of the body through the pleasures of food and sex, I have found that these ideas are overwhelmingly relevant in terms of what is presented in the digital era, in pop culture and within the art world. Food is ingrained in our culture, and is an irresistible lens through which to explore sex, since there is a sense of care, passion and consumption at the forefront of both. We are guided by pleasure and restraint. Libido courses through our veins, and can manifest itself in a number of ways, for example developing into fetishes. They can be secretive, mundane, suppressed, feared or celebrated, but the root of both is that they are rudimentary human desires. It is ideas such as this that pose as the foundation of my enquiry in the intersection of food and sex.

My Mouth Misses You, 2020Video