January 17, 2022

How Would You Rate This Cliff Out of 5?

Calum Wallis

Graphite and Acrylic on CanvasMeeting Place, 202055cm x 90cm

The Arbroath Cliffs have been reviewed at 5/5 on TripAdvisor, and described by SD86 as having “breathtaking views”. Let’s have a look on google images to see if I agree with them. It does look breathtaking and I’ve got to agree, those rock formations appear to be beautiful and diverse. I’ll go up to Arbroath and see for myself. In any case, I’ll make sure and review SD86’s review afterwards. After all, the cliffs could be diverse and beautiful but only breathtaking at sunset, which SD86 never specified. … While the cliffs did lose any element of surprise on my psyche, at least I wasn’t disappointed. The views were certainly good if not great, and the rock formations diverse as promised. Still, I can’t help but wonder if I’d have found the diverse rock formations repulsive if my experience hadn’t been coloured by prior reviews. I suppose I’ll never know. I can only hope that my photos and drawings create reasonable expectations for these cliffs and that in the future the rocks aspire to attainable goals. After all, if their millennia long battle with gravity wasn’t enough, they’ve now got to keep up with Arbroath Abbey and Pleasureland! 4/5 for perseverance.