January 28, 2019

How would you identify yourself as a person?

Rebecca Cooper, 19

I feel that learning self worth is important. What we are capable of, what our limits may be, etc. How others identify us is not the identity we should be giving ourselves. We should instead be making a name for ourselves. To stay true to ourselves and to accept who we are is one of the bravest steps we can take as humans. Several of us may be told that we are all the same, pretty, different and so much more. Society has bred a collection of groups that may follow the same theory, while another group stays true to another. Trends that may last as little as a day that so many may follow in order to fit in. Unfortunately society has taken victims and it is also in the process of claiming them. The harsh truth that should be addressed although some are hesitant to approach it. We must remember to stay true to ourselves, and make our presence known. Let the world know how proud you are to be alive, to be not perfect, to be you.