June 25, 2020

How would you describe your mental state under lockdown?

Robin Johnston, 45

I have been experimenting with the abstract nature of light combined with different surfaces for some time. Finding new abstract images in combinations of elements has been an ongoing fascination for me. In lockdown this short video was an exploration of my own mental state while quarantined as a potential high-risk case with my asthma. I wanted to explore visually the fuzzy static feelings of a mind that knows there is an invisible threat and possibility of illness during a truly global event. I experimented for a while with different methods of generating and capturing abstract images. This included a variety of light sources both natural and artificial, water reflections and different reflective surfaces to generate the moving images and then further experimenting with video editing techniques to find a balance and rhythm in the eventual video. My wife Wendy also contributed with the sound design.

Wave Forms, 2020Digital Video16:9