December 31, 2019

How would totalitarian rule affect our lives?

Roger Conlon

DystopianHEAVEN CAN WAIT, 2019269KB

I decided to write and submit this essay because democracy is fragile and can be subject to gradual and insidious assimilation to dictatorship. All over the world, we can see images of violent and peaceful protest against unpopular governments that alienate their people due to changing economic and social circumstances. I want to try and help the reader get inside the skin of a citizen living in the UK after a coup d’etat. How would they live their lives peacefully without becoming a prisoner of conscience? If they are making money and benefiting from oppression, how do they reconcile their loyalty to their families with their complicity with torture and mind control? I want the reader to feel the fear not to frighten but to guard against complacency. Under the impact of climate change and scarce resources, any government might decide to protect its people even if it means totalitarian rule. The use of dystopian language can be powerful. I hope this story will resonate with those who are proud of their democracy.