September 3, 2019

How would the past view our present?

Freya Macdonald

PhotographyThe Time Capsule, 2019

The exploration of the 1920’s era and a Flapper dancer coming into our modern world. The box acting as the ‘time capsule’ for the two eras to meet up as the traditional hat box over the years has never changed and this is a small but recognisable link between the two time differences which shows a constant in time. I have creatively highlighted the different eras by using monochrome for the 1920’s focused images and colour for the 21st century images. This is important as it makes us consider how we feel about different eras judging us just as we look back in history and have opinions of fashion, technology and their ways of life from back then; how would it make us feel if we could look 99 years into the future just as the Flapper girl is doing? What would you do to impress the past?