October 29, 2018

How would society be explored in a modern day still life?

Sarah Ogilvie


This work looks at the structure of society, self indulgence and the shift of importance of materiality, objects, and social norms throughout time from still life works such as Válezques. The proximity of the sweets and the pills emphasises the accessibility of sugar highs and illegal highs. This explores societies need for instant gratification in modern day life- fast food, alcohol and sugar highs. Our whole outlook in life has altered to accommodate to the fast pace of life. There is also a hypocrisy of having unhealthy objects such as sweets and a burger followed by a ‘Diet Coke’. I have used candles as the light source to create chiaroscuro, this is a method used in religious works by artists such as Caravaggio, this is to explore the emphasis that today’s society places onto objects such as these.


Title: Excess’

135cmx102cm, Oil paint on board

Facebook/Instagram – @sarahogilvieart