CeramicTen Green Bottles, 2019

Possession is often painted as something that will result in happiness or fulfilment, only possible when we’ve got enough stuff, or when we’ve got that job, that person. We know how fragile we are, how fragile relationships, health and wealth are, and it terrifies us. The myth that we can own any of these things with any level of permanence is soothing.

Through destruction of work, ‘ten green bottles’ challenges the viewer to reflect on their relationship with possession, loss, and creativity. If we accept inevitable loss and make peace with letting something go, how does our relationship with it change? What are we freed up to do? And what changes in our feelings towards it in the time we do have?

The volatile nature of making, glazing and firing ceramics urges you to let go of the outcome and surrender to the process. It becomes the act of making for the sake of making, rather than making for the sake of having.

While I had expected to feel only a sense of grief in seeing so much work be destroyed, I instead felt a strong sense of possibility; new work I could create to fill the space left behind.