January 30, 2021

How Would It Feel To Fly Through East Lothian?

Andrew Smith | Calum Main, 36 | Chris Tolley, 39

FilmEast Lothian - Scotland by Drone, 2020

This video is a collaboration between composer Chris Tolley and drone filmmakers Andy Smith and Calum Main.

East Lothian is a small region of Scotland, and has a gentle, refreshing landscape.

We wanted to capture the feeling of this region and create an uplifting experience for the audience. We combined the music of Chris’ track Beneath the Surface with slow, awe inspiring aerial shots of beautiful and fascinating locations in the region. We wanted people to feel like they were on a virtual journey through the region.

The unusual perspective of drones allows us to occupy the space below aircraft but above the height we normally experience as humans. The height, movement and perspective is more like how a bird must see the world. The music was overlaid with subtle sound effects of crows, gulls, oyster catchers and waves, trickling water and other ambient sounds. The video is both a visual and audio experience.

The hope is to produce more films for other regions of Scotland and express the unique feeling of each area to continue the Scotland by Drone concept until we have a body of work covering the entire country.