July 27, 2020

How women’s identity is affected during the lockdown (Covid-19) situation?

Camila Ospina Gaitán, 24

“Woman identity during lockdown”, is a project that wants to question how Covid- 19 emergency and lockdown has highlighted different problematics of role gender at home. Simultaneously, it wants to represent the fragility of some female bodies which are in a vulnerable position being lockdown with their oppressor, husband, brother, father, and different types of violence from al kind of people. In this way, the project shows how the female body loses its own identity as being repressed. Nevertheless, at the begging is a woman who looks directly to the camera, she does not have a passive role, but she worked so hard being the structure and ground of the house, she gives so much that she ends up losing herself. I was an exploration with myself during the lockdown, an encounter with my body, and different objects from the everyday form which I try to represent a lot of feelings and conflicts during this pandemic situation based on my role gender.

Woman identity during lockdown (Covid-19), 2020Digital Photography