June 27, 2020

How will you hurkle-durkle and paint the town red post lockdown?

Shirley Fife, 57

COVID-19 is causing societal parallel universes to collide; providing more opportunity to hurkle-durkle* and less to socialise. Will the change for you and the wider community be long-lasting? Or, will there just have been a fondness for the chance to hurkle-durkle for a few months, getting out to paint the town red as soon as possible, thus resuming life as it was; for some, yes. However, for many, this unprecedented time will be life changing either by choice or circumstance; their entry to the other side of the universe. Some will choose to reconnect with people, community and the environment. Others will have to adapt to living with a chronic condition (anxiety, depression, breathlessness, fatigue), dependency on others or substances, dealing with loss (of loved one, work or home). Will hurkle-durkle be your new way of life or a distant reminder of when parallel universes converged? Will painting the town red be you just getting out of bed, something you do on a special occasions or regular weekend pastime? Only time will tell.

*Old Scots term meaning to lie in bed long after it is time to get up – John Jamieson’s Etymological Dictionary of the Scottish Language (1808).

HURKLE-DURKLE, Digital edited version of cut & paste collage