Oil and Beeswax on Canvas BoardHow will we remember them?, 201729.7 x 18cm (each painting)

The act of remembering is part of human nature and arguably one of the most important aspects of memory. These paintings are about the reflection of those whom have passed, and how we create memories of them. I felt inspired by the poignancy of an empty memorial bench, which without replacing the loss of human, stands as a lasting commemoration of life. With the use of a subdued colour palette I sought to spark emotion as the memory of loss is being recalled. The trees symbolise regeneration as they continue to strongly grow beside the memorial benches and gravestones, creating a paradoxical moment in nature. I was moved by the significance of the 100th Remembrance Day of WWI, with thoughts about how important it is that through generations we continue to remember the fallen. Whether it comes from creativity, silence, reflection or discussions we should always honour the sacrifices made for us to be able to freely live in the country we do today.