January 4, 2019

How will the sick survive?

Hidden Ink Child


This array of medical paraphernalia sustained my existence for over a year. The boxes, prescriptions and notes detail the effort it takes to keep me sort-of well. In the past, doctors have invalidated my concerns – some of the medicines here were prescribed irresponsibly by previous doctors, leading to compromised immunity and asthma exacerbation. The difficult interplay between serious physical and mental health issues makes me quite a complex patient and achieving adequate care for all my health conditions is a difficult balancing act. The management of medical conditions can be a huge, sometimes futile, often isolating challenge.
In a time where the future of our NHS has been unstable and uncertain for years, I fear for my future and the supply of life saving medication with the looming political stalemate of a “no-deal” exit from the EU. With increasing poverty and flat lining life expectancy during an age of austerity, the future isn’t one conducive to the well-being of society. The Health Secretary “can’t guarantee people won’t die” in no-deal Brexit. How will the sick survive? I question how continued underfunding, callous government cuts and systemic oppression can maintain the survival of the disabled and chronically ill.


Installation, Mixed media.
Dimensions: (roughly) 3m tall by 5m wide.
Photo credit to Chris Scott, at the “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” exhibition.