July 3, 2020

How will the future of humanity look like?

Fenneke Wolters-Sinke, 48

We are currently facing one of the biggest challenges to our raison d’être: socially, economically, financially, politically, mentally, physically and environmentally. The flow of information which seems to be focused on fear and polarisation is non-stop and at our finger tips. Despite or maybe perhaps due to the crisis we are going through, I see some incredible positive things happening. People from all kind of backgrounds are uniting to fight for justice, equality and sustainability. Every human being has a unique make-up such as colour of skin, sexual orientation, physical appearance, beliefs and qualities but we are all one and inter-connected. “Wheel of Unity” is the embodiment of a positive outlook for humanity if we use our qualities for the greater good and collaborate.

Wheel of Unity, 2020Book objectDiameter is 24 cm, height is 15 cm.