April 28, 2021

‘How Will Our Children’s Lives Be In An Unequal World Affected By The Ecological Crisis?’

Joana Avi-Lorie

Children Who Love Birds, 2020

CHILDREN WHO LOVE BIRDS explores the lives of two children living in a dystopian world deeply affected by the climate crisis. MJ, a poor girl who lives in the refugee camps, tries to find a purpose and sense of family by teaching the other children in the camp about her passion: birds. Ash, a privileged boy who lives in the city with a disability, tries to cope with loneliness and his suspicions that there is something wrong with the world outside that the elites plan to escape and leave behind. Through the last days of Ash on the planet and the first days of MJ in the refugee camp, this science fiction short story reflects upon a very important question when addressing the ecological crisis in a world of huge inequality: how will our children’s lives be in such a world?