January 31, 2022

How Will Our Children Children’s Cope?

Gina Fierlafijn Reddie

Mp4 VideoUntil we Fall, 2021

My video poem expresses thoughts on shoreline, nature and ubiquitous litter, framed by the soundtrack ‘Beacon’ produced by Edinburgh based Harry Bongo. It captures despair and a sense of urgency. Our beaches are sanctuaries, how will we, how will our children survive this utter mess?

Royston beach in Granton (Edinburgh) is the setting of this scene. My walk started with a feeling of joy, love, gratitude of beautiful scenery, reflection on good things and bad things in life. Nature is a powerful healer and brings positivity and strength in coping with our daily stresses. But then I noticed all the rubbish and my heart sank. What are we doing to our planet?

What are we doing to our lives?

How will our children children’s cope?

Our beaches are sanctuaries. We are all responsible. Will we have the power, and the love for our natural world, to restore nature?

Only our love for this planet will make us come to our senses.