January 31, 2020

How Will I Tell My Mum?

Jill Skulina, 45

The work shows a teenager finding out she’s pregnant, it’s God’s baby and she has to call him Jesus; the Angel Gabriel is presented as a winged pregnancy test. Mary worries how she’ll tell her mum; if she’ll still be able to go to school/see her friends? Can she still play football? Like most pregnant women her choices have been limited and her mother laments what might have been for her daughter. How Will I Tell My Mum? is 1 of 5 ceramic vessels each telling a small part of a wider narrative around pregnancy, childbirth and the story of Incarnation. Themes include teenage pregnancy (increased risk of high blood pressure, anemia, premature birth, low birth weight babies and postnatal depression) and ingrained, omnipresent notions of virginity, and patriarchy. The work was shown at Nomas* Projects, Dundee, the curators asked Jill to investigate the story of Mary giving birth to Jesus, with particular focus on the biblical interpretation of events, and how her own experience as a mother affected that reading. Jill worked with historical interpretations of events, memories and written accounts; the role of translation and re-membering.

How Will I Tell My Mum?, 2019Ceramics32x25x6cm