June 25, 2019

How will I sound tomorrow?

Domen Finzgar, 29

Moving overseas, leaving family and friends behind – never easy. Your home defines everything; your looks, demeanour, feelings, even how you sound. I spent more than a decade composing and performing in a band of wonderful people I knew since high school. That’s why the very last composition we ever recorded should sound special. Titled Silenzio it was meant to be a piece without cynicism, huge experimentations and without – me. Being a frontman of an experimental folk/jazz/noise/you-it-name-it band, that plan meant the exact opposite of the usual outline for a composition. Our sound was raw and full of sounds from my accordion. Here, the accordion shuts up.

So here I am, one year after recording it. Living in Edinburgh, a thousand miles from familiar sounds, with no real music connections. I adapt, becoming interested in producing electronic music and figuring out how a solo concert should look like. Something I never had to think about being surrounded by 5 more people on stage. What a privilege you gave me, my lost musicians!

In June 2019 the Silenzio vinyl finally went to print. Like an echo of a distant memory of how I used to sound.


Domen Finzgar (composer, Brandoni accordion),
Jana Arlič (violin),
Žiga Barba (trombone),
Katja Glinšek (violin),
Miha Hafner (French horn),
Ana Svetel (piano).