January 29, 2019

How well do we know our Fishing Industry?

Victoria Johanna Sanches


Scotland’s fishing industry is one which has been well-known and valued in our country for many years. However, as fishing starts to decline and our demand for local workers reduce, the question arises of how well we actually know these individuals which for generations have caught the fish we buy at our markets.

Many of these fishermen have grown up in the industry, and I wanted to show this within my entries – that the fishing industry is led by families and people of all ages.


Scotland’s Fishermen
A2 on Fabriano paper

My graduation project is a series of outcomes inspired and influenced by Scotland’s fishing industry. These screenprints were based on a photography study I did around local fishing ports in Scotland. I met with these fishermen, spoke to them about their livelihoods and photographed them at work to get a deeper insight into their everyday lives.

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