July 27, 2020

How was your lockdown?

Kathleen Broughton, 30

This piece was created during lockdown 2020. I was not working and decided to take up painting with all my free time. I feel that the painting accurately represents most people’s experiences of lockdown. The darker days, where many may have felt quite low, fed up and down. The dark texture represents having a “rough time of it”, whether that be from personal experiences of COVID-19 or simply being stuck in the house. The lighter, smooth and calming colours symbolise the good days. Appreciating having time on your hands, being able to “get stuff done”, reconnecting with family and friends, or simply valuing the little things we always took for granted like getting outside for your daily exercise. For me, the good outweighed the bad, hence the lighter colours and smooth texture rising to the top of the painting. Painting gave me a purpose every day. It allowed me to express my emotions. Controversially, I will always reflect on lockdown as a positive experience and appreciate the time I had to develop my skills. I know for many, it will have been devastating. I feel I’m one of the lucky ones.

Take The Rough With The Smooth, 2020Oil With Modelling Paste On Canvas30"x40"