January 7, 2021

How Was Your Journey When You Transitioned To An Artist?

Dana-Mihaela Schrenck

Acrylic On Canvas Board, Mixed MediaTransformation Of An Artist, 2020

Transformation of an artist – The triptych is the journey of a friend of mine, a journey that is so well known by so many of us, as myself I am experimenting it.

This journey has 3 stages. In the first one, we are showing ourselves to the world through a mask that shines over us. It can be a deceiving social mask, that comes from a place of contentment or fear.

The second stage is a war between what we what to be and how we are seen by the world.

It is about introspection, negotiation, and fighting for freedom.

Finally, the third and last stage is the most colourful, joyful, satisfying of all. It is the end of the journey and the beginning of true life. It is about having the courage to look into the eyes of the world and showing your true colours. The triptych has many metaphors, but for me, it will always reflect her journey, her power, her courage, her struggle, and her victory.