March 4, 2020

How to we keep our faith?

Tighe Wyie-Freegard, 17

Based on the painting by ‘The Skating Minister’ by Henry Raeburn, I was inspired to write a short story based on this absurd and dreary part which explored life of the minister in the centre of it and how he experiences a revelation that went against everything he had ever believed in. The story explores how this realisation betrays his entire identity and is left desperately at the middle of Duddingston Loch to try and repair it. The tragic irony he faces at the end of the story is to illustrate how something can be so deeply ingrained in someone’s belief system that they will attribute anything to that belief to try and reinforce it. This is in no way to attack religion or religious people, it is instead an allegory of how we respond when we ourselves have our values challenged and how that can change and adapt what we believe in and if that ultimately makes us better off or simply more ignorant.

The Faith and Void in Duddingston Loch, 2019