Natural Burial, 2020

Tales of eternal youth and beauty have been told for as long as we can remember and our obsession with them has been around just as long. We pump harmful chemicals into whatever we can to give the appearance of vitality, but nothing could be further from the truth. From food, to flowers, to our bodies – dead or undead. Through my work I explore the relationships between humans and our environment, digging into the truths buried in the soil. Some are beneficial while others are toxic and what we give to the earth it gives back to us. The manufacturing and distribution of the symbol of love, the rose (and other stem cut flowers), affects our planet and, consequently, our health negatively. This industry is known for its extensive use of water, pesticides and fossil fuels, all factors that contribute to the destruction of wildlife. These ingredients play a part in our deaths, and as if to take revenge, we poison our bodies throughout our lives and finally in death through embalming before we bury them in the ground to restart the destructive cycle explored in my video titled ‘Natural Burial’.