June 24, 2019

How to love someone in pain?

Lucie Tremolieres, 24

This short story or poem explores how a loving relationship (family, friendship, romantic…) changes when someone opens up about being in pain. Loving becomes a more conscious act, a decision to stay and suffer as well as your loved one. It is often also a completely evident choice.

At a time when being happy is a condition to our understanding of being healthy, I think that it is very important to remember that it is normal to be in pain, and it is an inherent part of our human experience, essential to feel joy, life, and connect with others, even if the prospect of pain is often terrifying.

I tried to make this written piece relatable and consciously avoided mentioning age, gender, situation and relationship so you can make this story as much yours at it is mine, filling in with your imagination.

Hanging Somewhere